Moving back!!

Today,May 28th,( Canada Time) I moved back to my ex-host family's house again!!
When my host mother picke me up, it was really hot. After I arrived at
her house and put my stuff in appropriate place, I was really tired, so
I took a nap in the afternoon. Actually she picked me up at 1:00, so
I finished doing everything at almost 4:00. I fell asleep for 2hours.
Today it was really nice weather!! Nowadays it has been nice weather, so
I am really happy. I do not like rainy days, and I think everyone does not
like rainy days, of course.
Anyway, now I am writing my diary again. In this week I could not write my
diary everyday,because after I came home from work, I had to pack my stuff
into my suitcase and two boxes. I did not expect that I had a lot of stuff
before I packed them. I was really surprised. What the heck was I doing for
4 monthes? Why did my stuff gain?
Tomorrow, it will be nice weather, so I am going to play tennis with my
friends. Every weekends I am going out and every weekdays I am working,so
when do I study English? Nowadays I spoil myself, I know. I have to think
about my future. What do I want to do? What am I going to do?
I do not want to waste my life, so I have to think about it.