One month has already passed.

I have not written my diary for a month!! I did not notice that. Last time I wrote my diary was the day I bought my PC!! I always use my PC but I did not write it. I know I am so lazy.

Anyway, this weekends I had 3days off because July 1st was Canada Day!! The Foundation Day!!
After I finished my work on Thursday, I went to DT to go to the Art Garalley with
Naoko. They have Rodin's exhibition. I really wanted to see Rodin's The Thinker.
The reason why I chose to go there on Thursday night is that we can enter the Art
Garalley only paying less than 5dollars. They suppose to pay 5dollars for a donation, and they said to me," It's a donation, so you can pay whatever you want to donate." So, finally I paid just 2dollars. I was so happy. Naoko and I could see many arts so I think we could recover the cost? ( I mean Moto wo toru )
Just I want to say I could satisfy with the Art Garalley. But when we saw "The Thinker", we were disappointed with it, because we expected it was really big, but
we saw the smaller one. I know there are many "The thinker" in the world.
But the Art Garalley advertised this exhibition using the poster of "The Thinker".
So we misunderstood they had a big one.

Well, after we finished seeing the arts, we went to Naoko's house and I stayed over at her house. It was June 30th night.