SkyTrain Tour!!


Yesterday, my frined and I tried to take a really short trip throught the Sky Train rout. We have been staying at Vancover for about 1 year, but actually we have not taken the Sky Train so much. We wanted to know what the terminal station is. First, we got on the Sky train at Burrard STN and we got off the train at New Westminster.... The towin is beside the ocean. There is a public market and casino. We went to the public market, because I thought the public market might have been similar to Granville Island Public Market and Lonsdale Quey Market. But, actually it wasn not like them....We got little bit surprised.
There is few people and few shops and there are some bakery shops and delis.
We bought muffins and kept going!! Next stop was King Geroge. This station is the terminal station. Nothing was special. So we went to Burnaby. We got off the train at Brentwood Town Centre STN. There is a shopping mall, and we went shopping and had tea. After that we went back to Down Town. This trip was good for me. I could have good time with my friend. This was really new to me. I could know how other cities are. Thanks, Rumi. I appreciate your kindness.