It has passed 2 weeks since I wrote a diary.

I have not written this diary for a long time. Actually I keep a diary on another web site, and of course I keep it in Japanese, so I update it almost everyday. I know I am just lazy...( Poor excuse? This is my bad habit.

Today it is really nice weather!! When I was under the sunshine, I felt really warm, but it was really chill when I was in the shade.
This morning, I was at my house and I watched the Olympic game with my house mate.
And then I came to the library in Down Town. I just studied about 2 hours.
I could not concentrate on studying because I felt it was really cold in the library.( Poor excuse again?)

Now I am writing this to wait for my friend. He will come here at 4:30.
I have still 30mins left.

Well, one of my friend sent me the mail. She said that I should think about
my future seriously. Now I am in Canada and I should think about why I am here and what I should do for my future. She said she did not want me to waste
my time in Canada. Her saying makes me think about my future seriously.
I know I have to study English very hard and I have to do something for my future.

Next week I will be hard on me. Now I am really lazy. I have to be a
hard worker again. My 1 month vacation will be over!
And I have to end my lazy 1 month vacation!!