Last night, my roommate, housemate and I watched the movie, Amelie!
The movie is French one. When the movie was released in Japan, many people went to see the movies. This movie is really good. Actually I wathced this movie in Japan onece, but when I went to the liberary,
I found it. Suddenly, I got to watch this again. It was really good story. When I went to Paris four years ago, this movie was showing in Paris and many people were making lines. I want to go to Paris again.
I think I will feel something different in Paris after watching this movie. Bravo! Ameli Poulain!

It has passed 2 weeks since I wrote a diary.

I have not written this diary for a long time. Actually I keep a diary on another web site, and of course I keep it in Japanese, so I update it almost everyday. I know I am just lazy...( Poor excuse? This is my bad habit.

Today it is really nice weather!! When I was under the sunshine, I felt really warm, but it was really chill when I was in the shade.
This morning, I was at my house and I watched the Olympic game with my house mate.
And then I came to the library in Down Town. I just studied about 2 hours.
I could not concentrate on studying because I felt it was really cold in the library.( Poor excuse again?)

Now I am writing this to wait for my friend. He will come here at 4:30.
I have still 30mins left.

Well, one of my friend sent me the mail. She said that I should think about
my future seriously. Now I am in Canada and I should think about why I am here and what I should do for my future. She said she did not want me to waste
my time in Canada. Her saying makes me think about my future seriously.
I know I have to study English very hard and I have to do something for my future.

Next week I will be hard on me. Now I am really lazy. I have to be a
hard worker again. My 1 month vacation will be over!
And I have to end my lazy 1 month vacation!!

SkyTrain Tour!!


Yesterday, my frined and I tried to take a really short trip throught the Sky Train rout. We have been staying at Vancover for about 1 year, but actually we have not taken the Sky Train so much. We wanted to know what the terminal station is. First, we got on the Sky train at Burrard STN and we got off the train at New Westminster.... The towin is beside the ocean. There is a public market and casino. We went to the public market, because I thought the public market might have been similar to Granville Island Public Market and Lonsdale Quey Market. But, actually it wasn not like them....We got little bit surprised.
There is few people and few shops and there are some bakery shops and delis.
We bought muffins and kept going!! Next stop was King Geroge. This station is the terminal station. Nothing was special. So we went to Burnaby. We got off the train at Brentwood Town Centre STN. There is a shopping mall, and we went shopping and had tea. After that we went back to Down Town. This trip was good for me. I could have good time with my friend. This was really new to me. I could know how other cities are. Thanks, Rumi. I appreciate your kindness.



Yesterday, I went for a walk with my homestay's dog, Tazzy. There is a forest around our house. We went there because we could feel lots of nature and Tazz loves a forest and a river. He loves swiming, even though it is winter now...
He loves eating other words, he is when we went for a walk, I brought some treats for him. If I have some treats, he is so happy.
He is really loving and kind dog. It has passed 8years since I met him for the first time. At that time he had beautiful golden hair, but now his hair is getting white. He is an old guy. I love him very much. I hope he lives longer and stay with us as long as possible.

The new school

Nowadays I am thinking about taking a hospitality course in some school.
So, today I went to the school to join the class. It was really good for me.
I could know how the course is going. I feel I can do it in the class.
The other words, the level of that class is not so high... I am worried that
I can not get good stimulate from other students... I like that class and
actually I am interested in the hospitality course...So I am thinking about taking that couse or not..... I do not want to rush....I need more time
to think about it. I should be more careful to start something new...

Rainy day.


Today it was rainy day, so I did not take my homestay's dog for a walk.
Actually I could not get out of my bed for a long time. Once I woke up at
7:00, but I did not feel to get up, so I just slept again until 10:00.
I had an appointment with my friend who is going back to Japan on this Saturday.
We had lunch togehter at Cactus Club on Robson street. We had a good time. She lives in the same prifecture with me, so I can see her in Japan.

After I said good bye to her, I went to the shoe repair shop on Denman Street to
pick up my shoes. 3 weeks ago, I went there to get my shoes fixed. I had
to pay $150.00. It was really expensive for me, but I could not help it,
because my shoes were kind of special. Anyway, I got the shoes done.

So now I am really happy....

Today it is a nice weather!!


Today it was a nice weather!! I love sunshine. Today I went to take a trial lesson at VTC. The teacher was really good and I noticed my pronunciation has been so bad. When I talked with the teacher, she sometimes could not understand what I said. She said that I had a problem with R sound. I know I can not pronounce it correctly. The lesson was really good for me. I am glad to know my weak point of pronunciation. I will practice R sound!!

Anyway, I went to the movie with Rumi. We watched " The Producers."
It is a funny movie. We satisfied with the movie.
Before I saw Rumi, I went to Granville Island alone to have a lunch.
I got a hamburger and fries. It was awesome.