Look back on the first year in Vancouver


I wrote my diary for the first time in 3 months. I am really lazy, you know.

One year has already passed in Vancouver. Time is really flying. I could not imagine that the passage of time was so fast.
I think that it means my life in Vancouver has been full and fabulous.
I am satisfied with my life here.

I just finished working for Seaspan. I had worked there for over 8 months.
The company gave me such a great opportunity!! I thank the company, also my bosses and my co-workers. They are great. When I was in some trouble,
they always helped me. They taught me many things so kindly. My bosses let me
do a lot of works. It was amazing for me to work for them. I can not forget about them and the company. I think my experience at that company will help me
for my future.

Last Friday, one of my friend went back to Japan. She was really important person for me. I was sad that she was gone, but I am sure I can see her
in Japan, so I am not so sad. I am looking forward to seeing her and her boy

Anyway, I will keep my diary as much as possible. That is my resolution in 2006.

Seattle Vol.3


Today is the last day in Seattle. We woke up at 7:00 as well as yesterday's morning. We went downstairs to grab the simple breakfast. After we had breakfast, we went to DT again. We thought we did not have much time to look around there, so we left the hotle around 9:30. And when we arrived DT, almost every store was still colsed. On Sunday, they are opening the stores at 11:00. So we went to some coffee shop to kill the time. After that we went shopping. I really wanted to see "Nordstrom rack", so we went there, and both of us got a pair of jeans. I want to go there again.... And then we were really hungry, so we went to " The Cheese Cake Factory" on 7th Ave X Pine Street. The reastaurant is huge and at that time they are really busy....Anyway, we had lunch and cheescake. We could really enjoy Seattle. At 5:30, we got on the bus to Vancouver..... This travel was really awesome. So nice. I could have a great time with N.... Thanks a lot, Naoko.

Seattle Vol.2


This is the second day in Seattle. Actually last night, we could not do anything. Because we arrived here in the night. The travelodge serves us the free continental breakfast. So, actually I expected this little bit. But Naoko told me that I coudl not expect it. She was right. And moreover they served it only 2hours from 6:00 am to 8:00 am. It was really early moring!! So, we woke up at 7:00 and we went to the downstairs to grab something. There were bagles, muffins, fruit juice and coffee. So, after we had a quite light breakfast, we went to DT for shopping....And then we went really crazy.... I got a pair of jeans and a knit jacket and some cosmetics. N got some clothes....We know we are crazy about shopping. After we calmed down, we went to Pike Market Place and we saw the flying fish!! It was so funny.... The guy threw the big fish!! It's really famous performance. And then we had a lunch. The lunch is cram chawder!! It was fantastic!! And then we went to Starbucks and Safeco field.... Dinner? We had a fresh salmon and salada and soup again. N got cram chawder twice in this time. So she had cram chawder 3times in a day!!
She must love cram chawder....

Faburous Seattle! Vol.1


I went on a short trip with my friend, Naoko from last Friday to Sunday.
To where? The place is Seattle. This is the United States!! This place is famous for the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle. And I love this movie so much.
Anyway, we went to Seattle for 2nights. It was awesome!! Faburous!!
I love Seattle.

First of all,after I finished the work,I went to DT. We saw in DT at 5:00 and then we took a quick shuttle which I booked beforehand. Almost 1 hour and 30mins, we arrived the border. I have passed across the border a week ago, so I had to show my passport to the customs officer, but Naoko had to be done the ordinary procedures by the officer.
She was unlucky because the officer who is in charge of her was so slow...
But anyway she could pass cross the border! Yeah!!!
And after that the bus was going to Seattle. It took 2hours after we left the border.
Today's hotel is Travelodge!! ( Actually we were staying there for 2nights.)
So, after we arrived Seattle, Dontown, we were looking for the Travelodge.
We were not familiar with DT of Seattle, of course. So, We saw the map and
then we found the hotel... The clark was not so friendly, but she was not so bad.
Anyway, after we got into the room, a little bit while, we went to bed...


Thanks Giving Turkey.


The 10th of Octber is Thanks Giving Day in this year. So, on that day my hostmom took me to her friends house to have thanks giving dinner.
They cook the turkey in that day. This is the traditional food for that day.
I saw a big cooked turkey!! It was really delicious. And my hostmom's friend is
a good person, but after she drunk, she changed little bit.... She was really nice to me but she was mean? or mad to her boy friend. It was little bit scary...

I worte this diary for the first time in 3months!!


I have not written my diary for a long long time...
In this summer, actually I had various thing to think, so I did not feel to
write my diary....But anyway I think I am just lazy...ha ha ha.

Last Thursyday, Oct 6th, my former co-worker came to see me from Japan!! She is not only a co-worker but also a senior of my university. She came here with her friend who can speak English really well. So I met them in DT and actually they took her friend who is living in Squamish now. They are relly good person, so I had a good time with them.

So, my friend stayed in Vancouver from Oct 6th to 10th, so we went to many places together.
Thursday Oct6th
We met in DT and then we went to Park Royal in North Van. After that we went to the cheesecake shop in Granvill street.

Saturday Oct 8th
We went to Seattle!! It was really good for me.
I appreciated my friends!! My friend's friend drove us to Seattle!!
We went to Safeco Field which is home ground for Seattle Mariners.
We joined the tour inside the field and we saw many things which we can not
enter usually. Our tour guide is American girl but she has gone abroad to Japan!!
So she can speak Japanese really well and she had lived in Nishinomiya!!
And her school is next to my university!! So my friends who are from Kansay, so
we had a good time with her!!
I wish I should have asked her mail address....
Her name is Sarah...

Sunday Oct 9th
We went to Gastown and China town. And then we went to Kintaro Ramen shop.
They were really satisfied with the noodle. I love noodles...

We went to Granvill Island brewry. I had never been to there, so I could have good expreience. Actually I do not drink alchole, but the beer which the brewry made is good!!
After that, we went to Stanley park and Salmon hatchery in Capilano.
Salmon hatchery.... there are lots salmon, of course. And I saw it.
Salmon jumped!!

After I separated from them, I went home...

This long weekends were really awesome!

Charlie and the chocolate factory.


Today, I went to see the movie, " Charlie and the chocolate factory".
It was really funny and cute but the story was kind of weird. But anyway I could
really enjoy this movie, so I can recommend it to my friend. I have one movie I really want to see. It is " Must love dogs". Next week I am going to see it and if I do not have a friend to see it together, it's ok. I can go there alone.

By the way, 3weeks ago when I tried to edit my diary, I did something wrong.
So, actually I wrote the same diary twice!! I am so stupid and I tried to
erase one, but I could not do that. Am I so idiot? Of course, everyone knows
I am so idiot!!