Rainy day.


Today it was rainy day, so I did not take my homestay's dog for a walk.
Actually I could not get out of my bed for a long time. Once I woke up at
7:00, but I did not feel to get up, so I just slept again until 10:00.
I had an appointment with my friend who is going back to Japan on this Saturday.
We had lunch togehter at Cactus Club on Robson street. We had a good time. She lives in the same prifecture with me, so I can see her in Japan.

After I said good bye to her, I went to the shoe repair shop on Denman Street to
pick up my shoes. 3 weeks ago, I went there to get my shoes fixed. I had
to pay $150.00. It was really expensive for me, but I could not help it,
because my shoes were kind of special. Anyway, I got the shoes done.

So now I am really happy....