What I did from Friday night to Monday afternoon.

Almost every Friday nights, my friends and I have a small drinking party at his house. My friend, who lives in an aprtment at Down Town, is my ex-class mate.
He is really good person, so he provids us the place willingly every time.
So, last Friday after I finished working, I went to his house.
My friends made humbergers for us, and I helped to cook garlic toasts.
What we made for dinner were awesome. We did some Japanese game. It was so funny, because we were little bit drunk, so we could not do it well.
The member were 2Korean boys and 3Japanese girls (include me) and 2 Japanese boys.
When we met together, we had to speak English, so it was really good for me.

Naoko and I met Jae-Shin to have his birthday lunch!! We made a promise
maybe 1week ago, but one of my friends forgot about it totally.
So he did not come to us at our meeting time. We went to Korean Restaurant
except him. When I asked Jae-shin what he wanted to eat, first of all he
said that anything was OK. And then I said to him that he could choose whatever
he wanted to eat. So we went to Korean Restaurant. I think we had really good
time each other.
After we had lunch, we went to London Drugs because Jae-shin had to buy
something for his host mother. And then Geun Sung was coming, so we stayed
together and Naoko and I followed them to go a kind of shopping.
Finally they got something for her, so it was good for them.

I went to the movie, " Monster In Law" with my friend. The movie was
interesting for me. Actually I do not like Jeniffer Lopez, because
her acting is not so good, I think. However, Jane Fonda is really great.
I like her very much. Michael Vertan is also good, because he is so
handsome. He is awesome, even though I do not know about his acting.
After I said good-bye to my friend, I met my another friend.
We went to the cake shop on Denman Street. The shop's name is
" The true Conffection". The cake of this shop is fabulous!!
While we were eating cake, we talked about our future and something each other.
At that time, her talking made me realized that I was really lazy.
I did not make any effort. I spoiled myself. I have to try to be
diligent. Because nowadays I did not study English hard. And
she gave an advice for me. We should not say and think of negative things.
I have to try to be optimistic!! If we are optimistic, our life will be
getting better and easier than before, I think.

Today, I went to play tennis with my friend and 2weeks has passed since we
played teniss last time. I could not hit the ball well, but my friend
did not get angry with me. He is really patient!! I appreciate him.
So, today we played tennis at the Stanley Park!! First the weahter, it
was not so good, but gradually it was getting better and really nice weahter
like summer. We enjoyed playing tennis each other.
After that we sparated, and I met Naoko at Art Garalley Cafe.
I have not been to there for a long time, so I was really happy to go there.
We had of coures, cake and someting to drink. We talked about something.
When I met her, she was getting well, so I really felt relived.
Tomorrow, I have to go to work again, it will be really tough for me,
but I try to do my best because I am so lucky!!