I worte this diary for the first time in 3months!!


I have not written my diary for a long long time...
In this summer, actually I had various thing to think, so I did not feel to
write my diary....But anyway I think I am just lazy...ha ha ha.

Last Thursyday, Oct 6th, my former co-worker came to see me from Japan!! She is not only a co-worker but also a senior of my university. She came here with her friend who can speak English really well. So I met them in DT and actually they took her friend who is living in Squamish now. They are relly good person, so I had a good time with them.

So, my friend stayed in Vancouver from Oct 6th to 10th, so we went to many places together.
Thursday Oct6th
We met in DT and then we went to Park Royal in North Van. After that we went to the cheesecake shop in Granvill street.

Saturday Oct 8th
We went to Seattle!! It was really good for me.
I appreciated my friends!! My friend's friend drove us to Seattle!!
We went to Safeco Field which is home ground for Seattle Mariners.
We joined the tour inside the field and we saw many things which we can not
enter usually. Our tour guide is American girl but she has gone abroad to Japan!!
So she can speak Japanese really well and she had lived in Nishinomiya!!
And her school is next to my university!! So my friends who are from Kansay, so
we had a good time with her!!
I wish I should have asked her mail address....
Her name is Sarah...

Sunday Oct 9th
We went to Gastown and China town. And then we went to Kintaro Ramen shop.
They were really satisfied with the noodle. I love noodles...

We went to Granvill Island brewry. I had never been to there, so I could have good expreience. Actually I do not drink alchole, but the beer which the brewry made is good!!
After that, we went to Stanley park and Salmon hatchery in Capilano.
Salmon hatchery.... there are lots salmon, of course. And I saw it.
Salmon jumped!!

After I separated from them, I went home...

This long weekends were really awesome!