Look back on the first year in Vancouver


I wrote my diary for the first time in 3 months. I am really lazy, you know.

One year has already passed in Vancouver. Time is really flying. I could not imagine that the passage of time was so fast.
I think that it means my life in Vancouver has been full and fabulous.
I am satisfied with my life here.

I just finished working for Seaspan. I had worked there for over 8 months.
The company gave me such a great opportunity!! I thank the company, also my bosses and my co-workers. They are great. When I was in some trouble,
they always helped me. They taught me many things so kindly. My bosses let me
do a lot of works. It was amazing for me to work for them. I can not forget about them and the company. I think my experience at that company will help me
for my future.

Last Friday, one of my friend went back to Japan. She was really important person for me. I was sad that she was gone, but I am sure I can see her
in Japan, so I am not so sad. I am looking forward to seeing her and her boy

Anyway, I will keep my diary as much as possible. That is my resolution in 2006.