Seattle Vol.3


Today is the last day in Seattle. We woke up at 7:00 as well as yesterday's morning. We went downstairs to grab the simple breakfast. After we had breakfast, we went to DT again. We thought we did not have much time to look around there, so we left the hotle around 9:30. And when we arrived DT, almost every store was still colsed. On Sunday, they are opening the stores at 11:00. So we went to some coffee shop to kill the time. After that we went shopping. I really wanted to see "Nordstrom rack", so we went there, and both of us got a pair of jeans. I want to go there again.... And then we were really hungry, so we went to " The Cheese Cake Factory" on 7th Ave X Pine Street. The reastaurant is huge and at that time they are really busy....Anyway, we had lunch and cheescake. We could really enjoy Seattle. At 5:30, we got on the bus to Vancouver..... This travel was really awesome. So nice. I could have a great time with N.... Thanks a lot, Naoko.