Seattle Vol.2


This is the second day in Seattle. Actually last night, we could not do anything. Because we arrived here in the night. The travelodge serves us the free continental breakfast. So, actually I expected this little bit. But Naoko told me that I coudl not expect it. She was right. And moreover they served it only 2hours from 6:00 am to 8:00 am. It was really early moring!! So, we woke up at 7:00 and we went to the downstairs to grab something. There were bagles, muffins, fruit juice and coffee. So, after we had a quite light breakfast, we went to DT for shopping....And then we went really crazy.... I got a pair of jeans and a knit jacket and some cosmetics. N got some clothes....We know we are crazy about shopping. After we calmed down, we went to Pike Market Place and we saw the flying fish!! It was so funny.... The guy threw the big fish!! It's really famous performance. And then we had a lunch. The lunch is cram chawder!! It was fantastic!! And then we went to Starbucks and Safeco field.... Dinner? We had a fresh salmon and salada and soup again. N got cram chawder twice in this time. So she had cram chawder 3times in a day!!
She must love cram chawder....