Faburous Seattle! Vol.1


I went on a short trip with my friend, Naoko from last Friday to Sunday.
To where? The place is Seattle. This is the United States!! This place is famous for the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle. And I love this movie so much.
Anyway, we went to Seattle for 2nights. It was awesome!! Faburous!!
I love Seattle.

First of all,after I finished the work,I went to DT. We saw in DT at 5:00 and then we took a quick shuttle which I booked beforehand. Almost 1 hour and 30mins, we arrived the border. I have passed across the border a week ago, so I had to show my passport to the customs officer, but Naoko had to be done the ordinary procedures by the officer.
She was unlucky because the officer who is in charge of her was so slow...
But anyway she could pass cross the border! Yeah!!!
And after that the bus was going to Seattle. It took 2hours after we left the border.
Today's hotel is Travelodge!! ( Actually we were staying there for 2nights.)
So, after we arrived Seattle, Dontown, we were looking for the Travelodge.
We were not familiar with DT of Seattle, of course. So, We saw the map and
then we found the hotel... The clark was not so friendly, but she was not so bad.
Anyway, after we got into the room, a little bit while, we went to bed...