Also today from Office.

Last night, finally I washed my blankets!! So, I slept really well, but of course now I am little bit sleepy. Yesterday after I finishe my work, I went to DT to say good-bye to my friend who is going back to Japan on this Saturday. Actually I want to go to the airport to send him off but I can not do that.
My another friend is coming here on this Friday, so I do not have time to go to the airport. So, when I met him yesterday, we had a cup of coffee and talked together for just 1hour. It was really good time for me. And his talking was really interesting for me. His goal is really high, I think. He wants to go to Stanford University and to sutudy about the economy through homelesses and prostitutions. I think his focus is really interesting, because I have never heard about it. So, until yesterday he almost everyday he went to Hasting Street to talk with them. I think he has a brave. Hasting Street is really dangerous. But he could talk with some of them. Now he is thinking about rewriting his essays about it, so I hope he will succeed in his project.
After I came home, I ran to the landury to wash my blankets. And I thought that I suceeded to remove fleas. No more fleas.