From Office.

This morning, I arrived at the office little bit early, ( just little bit )
so I write my diary now. I can not write Japanese using the PC in the office, of course, but until now I try to write my diary in English, so it does not matter to me.
Anyway, I write down about last weekends.

July 8th Friday
I went to Naoko's house again to have a kind of drinking party.
After I finished my work, I went DT and went to the TD bank to
deposite my paycheck. And then I called Naoko and visited her house.
First, our Korean friends supposed to come to her house, but unfortunately
they could not join us. It was bad,but we can meet each other anytime, so
we do not care. Naoko's roommate made a fantastic dinner and we had lots!!
When we had a dinner, we talked about several things. It was really fun for me.

July 9th Saturday
Friday night, I stayed over at her house. So, we went to IKEA togther.
IKEA is located in Richmond and I think it is little bit far, but
it is not so difficult to go there, so it's ok.
First we took a bus to Knight, NO.22 and after the bus arrived at
Marine Dr X Knight St, we had to change the bus which goes through
Sweden Av. But actually we took the wrong bus, so we took a walk for
20mins, I think. Finally we got to be there so it's ok.
We bought many stuffs. We were really staisfied with IKEA.

July 10th Sunday
Also Saturday night, I stayed over at her house agian.
But Sunday naoko was really tired and I had to go to the beauty salon,
so I said Good-bye and thank you to her when she was in the bed.
I went to the beauty salon and finally I got my hair cut!! Last time
I got my hair cut was March!! So now I felt really clear!!

This weekend my friend is coming here, so I think this week will be
busy for me.

And today I have to do 2things.
First. I have to go DT to say good-bye to my friend.
Second.I have to wash my blankets because I got flea from my dog.
I think the flea stuff is really weird becaues just I got
bitten by flea!! Junt me. My host mother said it's really
weird. I agree with her compeletely.