My baby!!

My baby... it's not real my baby because I am not married and I am not pregnant.
I mean my baby is PC!! Today finally I got my own PC, Lap top PC.
I really wanted to have my own PC.
I spent much money for it. But actually it was not so expensive. The price was
987.12 Canadian dollars. It's not a new one. It's a second hand one.
I do not care about it. I am really satisfied with it because I can read and
write Japanese everyday and I can see the internet everyday!! I do not need to
worry about anyone. The reason why I wanted to buy the PC was that last Sunday
after I moved back when I turned on the PC of my homestay, suddenly it was frozen
and I could not turn on it any longer. I was really shocked because I felt it
was my fault. But when I told about that happening to my host mother, she said
to me that it was not my fault and she thought her oldest son broke it.
But nobody knows who broke it. The son said that maybe it was broken by
some Virus. So, I do not want to use their PC anymore after they will fix it.
I decided to buy my own PC, and today I went to Japanese computer shop which
my roommate recommended me.
Now I can do anything by using my baby!! She is really fine, even though she
is a second hand!!
Next month, I will buy another my baby. It is a digital camera. I will be
able to put my pictures in my near future!!