I feel so good.

Today, in the morning it was raining, but after I finished working, it stopped raining. Even though, it wasn't raining, my co-worker who had driven me 2days ago drove me to my house again!! She is really nice, and while we were in her car, she talked many things to me, so I felt really happy. Actually my English is not so good, but she tried to understand me. And when she was talking something, I was just listend to her and I was just nodding. When I was listening to her, it was so good practice for me. I really want to get used to hearing what Canadians say.

So, today when I was working, I learned a new thing. I did a batch!!
That sounds so exciting, do'nt it? I felt as if I were an accountant!
BUt actually this work is not so complicated, but for me it's little bit
difficult. I do not know about their accounting system, so I have to remember
to use their accounting system. But I think their accounting system is
little bit similar to my former company's accounting system which they had

After I have dinner, I have something to do. It is ironing my 3 shirts.
It' gonna be hard work!!