Snack and Sweets

Today, I went to work, so I mean also today I had just usual life, the same with yesterday. I think if we have a job, we have the same life with what we did in Japan. But I saw many people who really enjoy their lives even though they work diligently. Why do they can enjoy their lives? I think they have their own hobbies and they try to enjoy their lives after their work.
Now I am working at the office from 8:00 to 4:00. After I finish working,
I have enought time to do something, because now it is still light outside.
I think summer is comming now!! The sun is still there until 9:00.
What a great weather and climate!! I like the summer of Vancouver.

Anyway, after I finished working, it was raining little bit hard.
So my boss said to me that some co-worker would drive me.
I was so lucky and I asked her to take me to the bus stop, but
she was so kind and she drove me to my house!! She is always really
kind. I appreciate her and also everyone at the office.

Fortunately, when I came home, the rain stopped. And suddenly I felt
to eat some snacks and sweets. I decided to go to the shopper's drug
mart in 15th street and Lonsdale Ave. It takes 30min from my house
to there by a walk. I went to there and finally I got some snacks and sweets!!

Lays potato chips $1.49 x 2
Oreo Cookies $2.46
Gummie $1.99
Note $0.99

When I started to eat potato chips, I could not stop eating them.
I was really scarely, if I can not stop it, I will be a huge pig!!
I do not want to be. So, I stopped it.

I will try to work hard tomorrow!!