The first saraly!!

Today, I got the first saraly in Canada!! I want to say to myself " Congratulation, me!!" I am really happay!! I did not expect that a such day
came to me so soon!! By the way, I had to write the reason that today I could get a saraly. I started to work for some Canadian Company from May7th. And
The cosing date( how do I say? I think it is a kind of the deadline.) to calucualte the saralies of employees was the 2nd monday of the month.
so, I handed in my time sheet (just one day's time sheet.) on last monday,
and today eventually my boss gave me the first saraly!!

Today was the 7th day when I started to work there. Until today I helped the accounting office person's small work, for example, filing many documents, opening letters, sorting invoices, etc. I can not forget about filing many many documents at the department of payroll. When I was filing documents at payroll, it was really hard for me because I had to move a lot!! But it was good exercise for me, I believe. In fact I like that kind of job. When I was doing that, I was just in my world. Is it bad? Who knows?
Anyway, today I helped works at treasury. I checked some statements and accounting ledgers. It was interesting for me, but also it was really difficult for me, because I do not know how to use the accounting system of this company,
and I do not know how to see them. I know I made the office person annoyed, but
it cannot help doing this. Tomorrow I will try to do my best again!!
If I cannnot understand well, I will try to ask them immediately!!

SO, I will go to bed at 10:30!! because of tomorrow!!

Nowadays, the weahter is not so good. The weather changes many times!!
I cannot believe the weather forcast anymore. Who knows the future!!