Long time no written my diary.

My friend said to me that I have not written my diary for a long time!!
Actually I have already forgotten my diary. But I think that to keep a
diary is good for me because I can remember almost everything I did.
And so I decided to keep a diary as much as possible, moreover I try to write
my diary in English!! It will be very good exercise for me about studying
English. But I can not notice my mistake. Is it OK? I do not know.
But I think my friend will correct my mistake!! Anyway today is the third
time to write a daiary.

Nowadays, I started to work for the shipyard!! This company's employee
are Canadians!! So, I am so nervous when I am in the office. My English
is awful, when I have to talk with someone, I feel so nervous.
I have to get used to speakin English with them!! If I cannot get used
to them, I will be fired and it will not make sense that I am working there.

Today is my day off, so I just felt relaxed with my friends.
When I stayed with my friends, I can really relax!!