Also today from Office.

Last night, finally I washed my blankets!! So, I slept really well, but of course now I am little bit sleepy. Yesterday after I finishe my work, I went to DT to say good-bye to my friend who is going back to Japan on this Saturday. Actually I want to go to the airport to send him off but I can not do that.
My another friend is coming here on this Friday, so I do not have time to go to the airport. So, when I met him yesterday, we had a cup of coffee and talked together for just 1hour. It was really good time for me. And his talking was really interesting for me. His goal is really high, I think. He wants to go to Stanford University and to sutudy about the economy through homelesses and prostitutions. I think his focus is really interesting, because I have never heard about it. So, until yesterday he almost everyday he went to Hasting Street to talk with them. I think he has a brave. Hasting Street is really dangerous. But he could talk with some of them. Now he is thinking about rewriting his essays about it, so I hope he will succeed in his project.
After I came home, I ran to the landury to wash my blankets. And I thought that I suceeded to remove fleas. No more fleas.

From Office.

This morning, I arrived at the office little bit early, ( just little bit )
so I write my diary now. I can not write Japanese using the PC in the office, of course, but until now I try to write my diary in English, so it does not matter to me.
Anyway, I write down about last weekends.

July 8th Friday
I went to Naoko's house again to have a kind of drinking party.
After I finished my work, I went DT and went to the TD bank to
deposite my paycheck. And then I called Naoko and visited her house.
First, our Korean friends supposed to come to her house, but unfortunately
they could not join us. It was bad,but we can meet each other anytime, so
we do not care. Naoko's roommate made a fantastic dinner and we had lots!!
When we had a dinner, we talked about several things. It was really fun for me.

July 9th Saturday
Friday night, I stayed over at her house. So, we went to IKEA togther.
IKEA is located in Richmond and I think it is little bit far, but
it is not so difficult to go there, so it's ok.
First we took a bus to Knight, NO.22 and after the bus arrived at
Marine Dr X Knight St, we had to change the bus which goes through
Sweden Av. But actually we took the wrong bus, so we took a walk for
20mins, I think. Finally we got to be there so it's ok.
We bought many stuffs. We were really staisfied with IKEA.

July 10th Sunday
Also Saturday night, I stayed over at her house agian.
But Sunday naoko was really tired and I had to go to the beauty salon,
so I said Good-bye and thank you to her when she was in the bed.
I went to the beauty salon and finally I got my hair cut!! Last time
I got my hair cut was March!! So now I felt really clear!!

This weekend my friend is coming here, so I think this week will be
busy for me.

And today I have to do 2things.
First. I have to go DT to say good-bye to my friend.
Second.I have to wash my blankets because I got flea from my dog.
I think the flea stuff is really weird becaues just I got
bitten by flea!! Junt me. My host mother said it's really
weird. I agree with her compeletely.

My baby!!

My baby... it's not real my baby because I am not married and I am not pregnant.
I mean my baby is PC!! Today finally I got my own PC, Lap top PC.
I really wanted to have my own PC.
I spent much money for it. But actually it was not so expensive. The price was
987.12 Canadian dollars. It's not a new one. It's a second hand one.
I do not care about it. I am really satisfied with it because I can read and
write Japanese everyday and I can see the internet everyday!! I do not need to
worry about anyone. The reason why I wanted to buy the PC was that last Sunday
after I moved back when I turned on the PC of my homestay, suddenly it was frozen
and I could not turn on it any longer. I was really shocked because I felt it
was my fault. But when I told about that happening to my host mother, she said
to me that it was not my fault and she thought her oldest son broke it.
But nobody knows who broke it. The son said that maybe it was broken by
some Virus. So, I do not want to use their PC anymore after they will fix it.
I decided to buy my own PC, and today I went to Japanese computer shop which
my roommate recommended me.
Now I can do anything by using my baby!! She is really fine, even though she
is a second hand!!
Next month, I will buy another my baby. It is a digital camera. I will be
able to put my pictures in my near future!!

London was attacked!!


Attacks on London.
London rush-hour shattered by attacks
July 7: The four blasts in London Thursday morning happened within an hour.
From MSN. NBC News.

When I got up and went to the down stairs this morning, my host mother told me
" London was attacked!!" I was so surprised at the news.
When I saw the TV, I thought it was a really tragedy!! I can not believe this!!
I can not understand the terorists. Why did they hurt people who do not have
the sin? Why can they do really cruel thing for people? I am really depressed and I thought I am relly lucky because I am fine. I think that there is no place to be safe at all around the world. Nowadays in Canada, there are many incidents.
I am really worried about our future. I hope everyting is going well to everybody.

I really want to see this movie,


Last month, I saw the article about this movie in a newspaper, and I thought
this movie began to play on the theater from June 29th, but yesterday
when I saw the TV, I saw the comarcial about this movie and they said
it would begin to play on the theater the 29th of this month.
I can not wait to see it!!

One month has already passed.

I have not written my diary for a month!! I did not notice that. Last time I wrote my diary was the day I bought my PC!! I always use my PC but I did not write it. I know I am so lazy.

Anyway, this weekends I had 3days off because July 1st was Canada Day!! The Foundation Day!!
After I finished my work on Thursday, I went to DT to go to the Art Garalley with
Naoko. They have Rodin's exhibition. I really wanted to see Rodin's The Thinker.
The reason why I chose to go there on Thursday night is that we can enter the Art
Garalley only paying less than 5dollars. They suppose to pay 5dollars for a donation, and they said to me," It's a donation, so you can pay whatever you want to donate." So, finally I paid just 2dollars. I was so happy. Naoko and I could see many arts so I think we could recover the cost? ( I mean Moto wo toru )
Just I want to say I could satisfy with the Art Garalley. But when we saw "The Thinker", we were disappointed with it, because we expected it was really big, but
we saw the smaller one. I know there are many "The thinker" in the world.
But the Art Garalley advertised this exhibition using the poster of "The Thinker".
So we misunderstood they had a big one.

Well, after we finished seeing the arts, we went to Naoko's house and I stayed over at her house. It was June 30th night.

Moving back!!

Today,May 28th,( Canada Time) I moved back to my ex-host family's house again!!
When my host mother picke me up, it was really hot. After I arrived at
her house and put my stuff in appropriate place, I was really tired, so
I took a nap in the afternoon. Actually she picked me up at 1:00, so
I finished doing everything at almost 4:00. I fell asleep for 2hours.
Today it was really nice weather!! Nowadays it has been nice weather, so
I am really happy. I do not like rainy days, and I think everyone does not
like rainy days, of course.
Anyway, now I am writing my diary again. In this week I could not write my
diary everyday,because after I came home from work, I had to pack my stuff
into my suitcase and two boxes. I did not expect that I had a lot of stuff
before I packed them. I was really surprised. What the heck was I doing for
4 monthes? Why did my stuff gain?
Tomorrow, it will be nice weather, so I am going to play tennis with my
friends. Every weekends I am going out and every weekdays I am working,so
when do I study English? Nowadays I spoil myself, I know. I have to think
about my future. What do I want to do? What am I going to do?
I do not want to waste my life, so I have to think about it.